SmartThings Will Let You Control Your Home From Your Phone

SmartThings Will Let You Control Your Home From Your Phone
A new project coming out of Kickstarter would let you control things like your lights, thermostat or even the lock on your front door from your phone or computer. Using Kickstarter to raise funds, the team behind SmartThings envisions a world where everything is connected and not just easily controllable, but will initiate action on its own based on the things going on around it.

Bring up your bedroom lights when you sit up in bed? Check.
Start the coffee brewing when you get out of bed? Check.
Get a text message when your dog gets out of the yard? Check, too.

There seems to be no limit to the things you could do with this platform. But would you be willing to pay for it? What about the possibility of your home getting hacked? If someone gained control of your living room lights without your permission, that would be annoying. But if they could unlock your door… that’d be more serious. SmartThings seems to be focusing on security from the start, which is a very good thing. Only time will tell how well it will stand up.You can read all about their plans for SmartThings and watch a video about it on their Kickstarter page. Coldwell Banker’s Blue Matter blog also has a shorter write up of the concept.

What stuff would you want to automate in your home? Would you be more interested in your house acting on its own or would you be more interested in being able to turn your lights off and make sure the front door is locked from out of town? Let us know in the comments!